Drawing in Grass Woods with Anna

Went up to Grass Woods (above Grassington) today for a walk and maybe a bit of drawing. It was snowing when we got there and very cold but the woods in the winter are always beautiful and light-filled. The foresters and volunteers build piles of sticks at points around the woodland floor. This has two purposes: 1. to clear the ground for new growth & 2. to provide an encouraging habitat for small wildlife. As a by-product it also creates an interesting horizontal visual counterpoint to the prevailing verticality. That’s what Anna & I were interested in.Image

This was one of mine.


And this was one of Anna’s.

I suppose you can speculate endlessly about different viewpoints (apart from the obvious 90 degrees) such as that Anna works in three dimensions and I in two and I do know that I tend to look out for geometries within the picture surface, blocks of tone and repetitive patterns. But a friend once said to me that you should always draw as if your hair is on fire; well drawing with freezing fingers has a similar effect.


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