After the Hiatus

Well, there has been a bit of a gap, due to finishing, framing and hanging work. So now I’m  stepping back from trying to impress people and attempting to persuade them that I truly believe that what I make will give pleasure for years to come and is worth parting with hard-earned cash to acquire.


1st Dead Mole (delivered by cat) 19.6.93   Crayon & watercolour on paper   21x17cm

 Instead, for a week or so, I’m  going to think about drawing again- the engine that drives the painting; that reminds me of where I am; that lays down the moments, line by line. The activity of drawing never stops; it is as onerous and pleasurable, as well as necessary, as eating.


2nd Dead Mole (delivered by cat) 21.6.13   Pencil on paper   21x17cm

This blog was never intended as being all about me or my drawings, So- if anyone wishes to post their drawings, why they draw, what they think about the process and activity of drawing, I’d be more than happy. Drawing is one of those ur activities- I think the impulse to understand the world through graphic means is as powerful as through language.



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2 responses to “After the Hiatus

  1. Yes Dave,drawing is the engine and the car is the outer showpiece painting! Haven’t had this particular visual analogy in my head before. I am painting some abstract[ed] canvases using the Thames at Henley as a source of inspiration for a joint show at The River and Rowing Museum next year.I have some drawings but they are not transferring into paint yet, a problem I constantly have! I might have to shut the book and just focus on the paint.

  2. Thanks Noela- this is a perennial problem with painters- how do you go about taking all these wonderful drawings and turn them into something substantial without losing the very sensation that makes them so good in the first place.
    Noela is an old friend from Stroud in Gloucestershire and you can get a (very rich) flavour of her work here

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