Not one but three!

There is more evidence that the folders are being used and sent around. Some weeks back (I know, I’ve been busy) I got an email from the inestimable Jane Fielder, gallerist, painter and all round excellent person containing images of not one but three  drawings done in response to my original. I’ll let her speak for herself.


“Sorry it’s taken so long Dave….didn’t like this first attempt(but maybe ok now I’ve scribbled over it)….so did another couple and stuck on top hope that’s ok!
I was dead chuffed when I got it in the post…I’ll pass it on at life drawing tonight….
Dying to see the results…love to have them at the gallery if you fancied that. Booked till end of March 2014 though
With love


“2nd go”


“3rd attempt!”

I love the way that Jane has started to give another dimension to this; the rolled paper makes it sculptural; the layering gives a feeling of document as artefact that I really like.

By the by, I saw Jane at a party at Sue Vickerman’s (poet, novelist and life model sanspareil. Have I mentioned her before? If I haven’t here’s a link– it’s well worth a look) and she did say, as above, that she would love to host an exhibition of the finished pieces. So I’m hoping they’ll all come flying back eventually.



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4 responses to “Not one but three!

  1. “…the folders are being used and sent around” – can you explain what the project is, Dave, for me and anyone else who has just checked in to this current post who has lost track of what you’re up to ( – I have just skimmed previous posts but can’t find a ref).

    It sounds in principle like a Great Thing is going on: aren’t blogs wonderful for creative interraction with fellow creatives? It’s so exciting to be able to stimulate a shared body of work in this way. Sounds like you might have been posting something out by snailmail too?

    Hey, and thanks very much for linking to my website in this post. I am currently in spiritual-home Berlin for a month BEAVERING AWAY on Suki the Life Model’s serialised tale of woe to get the whole thing (lasts til next May) posted and scheduled so that I don’t have a weekly last-minute headache doing it. When Bel arrives next week I will STOP and we will be purely hedonistic for the rest of the time.

    Oh gosh, sorry I’m corrupting your blog by not eruditely discussing Art… Edit me out if you like (-:

    • No, busy schedules are all part and parcel of the process- my concentration has been elsewhere recently as well but only as far as Kendal and ArtFest North which went very well thank you. People said nice things and gave me money. It’s kind of how I imagined my life should be.
      I thought you and Bel were supposed to be working . Or is the hedonism work?
      I said how this thing kicked off on the “about” page- it was my response to feeling miserable and lonely as well as something I’d intended to do for ages, coming together with acquiring a load of good paper

  2. Thanks for that Dave, dying to see what everyone else does, Jane

  3. Aha, my oversight; I had not focused in on the ‘About’ page and seen that this blog has a specific remit. Ten drawing pads flung around the world; whoever wishes to pick them up and run with them will end up (and it is already happening) posting their sketches. Brilliant.

    Re my creative partner Bel and I and hedonism in Berlin: obviously Bel will be here with her camera and I am sure her blog will be enriched accordingly. I intend to just soak up culture while she is here with me – in the broadest sense, including Freier Koerper Kultur, not just FIne Art (though I deffo want to revisit the Kaethe Kollwitz Museum). It’s all writing fodder – everything always is! There is so much lovely CAKE here. HIghly photogenic and probably great to draw.

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